Our Local Farmers

Buying local means dairy products don't have to travel far to get from our local farms to a family's fridge. We're proud that our process goes from cow to dairy, to store shelves, and to the fridge in 48 hours or less—meaning our customers get the freshest, best-tasting, and highest quality products. Our farmers willingly have signed an agreement affidavit pledging that their farming practices do NOT include the use of the Growth Hormone rBST.

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We Only Partner
with the Best.

Here is what our farm inspector has to say:

“The state requires 6-month inspections; however, Schneider’s Dairy inspects their farms at a maximum of 5 months. As a farm inspector for Schneider’s Dairy, I visit our partner farms every other month. During these visits, I look at the equipment, the health of the animals, the calves, bedding, and the general animal welfare. If I question anything, I will work with the farmer to rectify any situation.

When Schneider’s Dairy became a certified member of the National Dairy FARM Program in 2016, it was very easy for our farmers to fit into this program because our farms function as a store selling a food product. Our first priority is, and always will be, the welfare and care of the animals.”<

Responsibly Sourced. Always From Pennsylvania.

No need to look further than Pennsylvania to find our farms. We source our milk locally from over 40 family-owned farms in 13 Western PA counties! Buying local not only means you get the freshest products, but you're also supporting your community and the individuals within it.