Schneider’s co-packing

Why do brands seek contract co-packers, and what are the benefits? Faster turnaround time, greater flexibility, meeting capacity surges, and avoiding financial risk are just some of the reasons.

Schneider’s Dairy offers a variety of co-packing opportunities within our scope of capabilities from fresh milk pasteurization products, to pasteurized beverages, and cultured products just to name a few. We have the capabilities of cooking cooling and packaging to meet most needs. Schneider’s has helped many entrepreneurs get started who have moved onto success.

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Schneider’s co-packing Services

Using a qualified contract co-packer like Schneider’s Dairy will enable you to devote your time to management and marketing while eliminating the enormous expense and responsibility of operating a production facility.

We will offer a no-cost consultation. If you are unsure we can help develop products, provide a variety of different sizes of packaging material, help you with the entire formulation, production, packaging, labeling process, and provide the speed and flexibility for shorter-run jobs, seasonal spikes, new products/packages, etc. as well as providing end-of-line flexibility. Schneider’s is also a contract distributer if needed to help move your product. Give us a call maybe we can help you become an instant success.